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If you’re a new sugar daddy looking for sugar baby, you probably know nothing about how to find a sugar baby. Here, we’ll tell you everything about solving that “sugar baby wanted” problem!

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Where to find a sugar baby?

The only answer to the question “where to find sugar babies” is “online”. It’s the only way to find sugar baby—technically, you can do it offline, but due to the sensitivity of the issue, it’s highly unlikely. Sugar dating platforms are safe and extremely popular.

How to get a sugar baby?

First, you need to discuss everything in advance. Discuss the arrangement type—in most cases, it’s about sugar dating, compensated dating (compensation in exchange for companionship and serving as “arm candy”), and compensated companionship (compensated dating with a deeper emotional connection). But there are actually lots of types of sugar relationships with various types of compensation, with different allowance types, and with different limits and borders. It’s best to discuss everything in advance to not get confused on the first date.

Don’t act creepy! We’ll talk about it later (regarding nudes and dirty talks mainly), but it’s not only about that, actually. Asking overly personal questions, making several compliments at once, commenting on her physical appearance only (it’s not a bad thing, but it becomes creepy if there is nothing else in your messages), not thinking before you speak, etc.—all those things are a great way to come off as a creep.

P. S. Have your first date in a public place. That’s the best thing you can do to make her feel relaxed and safe.

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How to talk to a potential sugar baby?

Follow these simple tips to keep your communication pleasant and beneficial to both of you:

  • Be direct and straightforward. Trying to hide your real possibilities or your real relationship goals makes no sense in sugar relationships.
  • Don’t talk only about sex. In fact, that’s quite a common behavioral pattern among sugar daddies—and it’s quite common for sugar babies to call it “red-flagish” or “creepy”.
  • Be respectful. It’s always about respect, there’s nothing to elaborate here.

How to treat a sugar baby?

When it comes to emotional context, it’s simple—be direct and respectful. But when it comes to monetary benefits, it’s not as simple.

The average monthly sugar baby allowance in the US is around $2,800—but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need to spend $2,800 each month. First, it’s an average number—it expresses typical value in a set of data, but there are lots of sugar babies who get less than $2,800 per month. Second, it’s not only about allowance. Most sugar babies get gifts, get paid for their education, shopping, and other needs. So, add something around 50% of the allowance to get the total cost.

Is sugar baby search really that easy?

Yes, it’s not that hard. The number of sugar daddies looking for sugar babies is not that high when compared to the number of sugar babies (the ratio is around 20-80), so you won’t have any problems with finding a great sugar partner. Just follow the rules we’ve mentioned before and it’ll work out great!