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How much allowance do sugar babies get? How much do sugar daddies pay? What are the most common sugar baby payment types and options? We’ll answer all your questions right here!

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What is sugar baby allowance?

The sugar baby allowance is the money a sugar daddy is going to spend on a sugar baby. The monthly allowance is typically around $2,800, but there are usually extra expenses that are not included in the allowance.

How much allowance do sugar babies get?

As we’ve said, the average monthly sugar baby allowance is $2,800—but it’s not only about allowance. When a sugar baby says she wants $2,800 monthly, this doesn’t mean that her sugar daddy will only have to pay $2,800 monthly.

The thing is, sugar daddies don’t just pay that “sugar baby salary”. They also need to pay for gifts, for shopping, for bills, and for lots of other things. On average, this means that a SD will spend $3,000–$5,000—that’s the average sugar baby allowance range.

Sugar baby allowance: guide

As we’ve said, it’s not about sugar baby allowance—and premium subscription on sugar dating platforms is one of those extra things a sugar daddy has to pay for.

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The point is, when it comes to sugar baby platforms, it’s extremely important to go premium. Almost all sugar daddy websites require sugar daddies to pay for credits/premium membership, but we recommend you to always choose the most expensive option.

When it comes to the types of sugar baby allowance, it’s usually about two options: a sugar baby allowance per visit or a monthly allowance (such options as sugar allowance per day are also possible, but they are extremely rare to see). There are no statistics available on how many sugar babies prefer a monthly payment to a pay-per-visit system, but we estimate it to be 50–50.

It’s highly recommended discussing all the financial questions in advance. That’s what attracts lots of people to sugar relationships, and that’s one of the most important differences between sugar and vanilla dating. Neither you nor your sugar partner wants misunderstandings—so we highly recommend discussing all the details even before the first date.

The last thing you need to know about sugar baby allowance is that it’s almost never about bank transfers. Sugar dating exists in the gray zone, especially regarding taxes, so it’s quite obvious that cash is the most common option, as well as PayPal. Checks are not popular at all, which makes sense because of privacy and security concerns (most sugar daddies don’t want sugar babies to know their full names).


The average sugar baby allowance is $2,800/1 month, but that’s not some kind of magic number that would work for everyone. Sugar daddies pay for lots of things including trips and fashionable clothes—so the average sugar baby cost can be much higher than the average allowance.