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There is a lot said about sugar daddies, but there is not much information about splenda daddies. This might make you wonder, what is a splenda daddy? Today, we want to give you an in-depth splenda daddy meaning and explanation of what this term implies.

What is splenda daddy?

There are different types of sugar daddies, and splenda daddy is one of them. Urban Dictionary enthusiasts define splenda daddy as:

  • A man who aspires to be a sugar daddy but has a limited income
  • A guy who is not a millionaire but tries to spoil his sugar baby
  • Older men who date younger sugar babies but can’t provide substantial sugar
splenda daddy in the morning

So what does splenda daddy mean? Combining all the above, we can make a splenda daddy definition as a man who wants to be a sugar daddy and acts like one, but his resources are limited. The average sugar daddy earns $250,000 annually, while a splenda daddy takes $150,000 or even $100,000. 

Splenda daddy characteristic

Now you know the answer to the question, ‘What is the definition of splenda daddy?’. So let’s see all the characteristics that make a sugar daddy splenda:

  • Less wealthy than a traditional sugar daddy
  • Leads less luxurious lifestyle and has limited resources for sugaring
  • Usually offers strict allowance per week or month
  • Allowance size tends to be non-negotiable
  • Extra perks are minimal

Differences between a sugar and a splenda daddy

The main difference between sugar and splenda daddies is in the amount of money they spend on their babies. It can look like:

  • A sugar daddy provides unlimited shopping sprees, a splenda may give a few hundred per month
  • A SD drives luxurious cars and gets the best hotels, while splenda chooses middle-class everything, or sometimes less
  • A SD showers with luxurious gifts and also make surprises of things he can afford
  • A sugar daddy pays your bills, helps with a student loan, etc., while a splenda can’t afford it
  • A SD would take you on an all-expense-paid trip to the Maldives, while a splenda would take you to a family lake house or a short trip to nearby sights
splenda daddy with sugar baby resting

A splenda daddy is not a complete opposite of a sugar daddy, as he wants to provide financial support and spoil his baby. The full opposite of a SD is salty daddy, and that is a type that all sugar babies try to avoid.

How to spot a splenda daddy?

It’s not enough to just know what splenda daddy means, it’s also important to know how to spot a splenda daddy on a sugar dating site. The task is actually quite challenging, as all types of daddies call themselves sugar daddies and tend to hide their annual income or lie about it. 

A car that a daddy drives or clothes he wears also are not good indicators of whether a daddy is splenda. As not all SDs like luxurious cars or be head-to-toe Gucci. Here are some signs to help you spot a splenda daddy before committing to an arrangement.

  • Insists on non-negotiable allowance on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Tries to undercut your allowance
  • Not open to paying for your additional needs like rent or phone bills
  • Don’t mention vacations together or gifts
  • Don’t like you bringing up the money question

Splenda daddies are not necessarily bad options, everything depends on what type of sugar you seek.


As you see, the term ‘splenda daddy’ is mainly income-based. Sugar babies who search for the best arrangements tend to avoid them, especially if they dated real sugar daddies. However, new babies might opt for splenda daddies.